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Welcome to the City of Fairbury, Illinois

Fairbury…Where our history provides a vision for the future

201 W. Locust Street, PO Box 228, Fairbury, IL 61739 • 815.692.2743
Fax 815.692.3428 • www.cityoffairbury.com

David Slagel, Mayor  •  Brett Ashburn, City Superintendent • 

Dale Diller, City Treasurer 

City Clerk Alexandria Reis •  Robert McCormick, Chief of Police 



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Garbage – Recycle 2024 Schedule


Garbage and recycling information from GFL

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Public comment at an open meeting is governed by Chapter 2, section .07 of the municipal code of the City of Fairbury. Section .07 may be viewed here


To reserve a shelter at North Park or Marsh Park, please call Larry Ray at 815.674.3660


City Hall is open Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  We may be reached at 815.692.2743

To reach your aldermen, http://ww2.cityoffairbury.com/wp/?page_id=74

To file a FOIA request, foia@cityoffairbury.com

To reach Mayor, dslagel@cityoffairbury.com

To reach City Treasurer, treasurer@cityoffairbury.com

To reach City Superintendent, bashburn@cityoffairbury.com

To reach City Clerk, clerk@cityoffairbury.com 

To reach Utility Billing Clerk, ubclerk@cityoffairbury.com

To reach Chief of Police, rmccormick@cityoffairbury.com

Street Department, 815.692.3812, streets@cityoffairbury.com

Sewer Department, 815.692.2911, sewer@cityoffairbury.com

Water Department, 815.692.2033, water@cityoffairbury.com

Police Department, 815.692.3347, police@cityoffairbury.com

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